How to select the RIGHT summer camp management software

Staffing for summer camps is becoming more and more time consuming.  One the last 20 plus years of we’ve seen a shift from job seekers trying to catch the eye of staffing coordinators to summer camps trying to stay connected with potential camp job applicants.  While CampStaff can help make staff recruiting more efficient, […]

Looking for a Leadership Position at Camp?

Now is the time to contact camps about your role for summer 2019! Summer camps are a full time business. We all show up to work at camp in June and it seems like things are just as we left them last August. Behind the scenes, camp directors and their full time staff have been […]

$10 and under Buys to help you hold on to your “camp self”

Home from summer camp? How’s the re-entry going? If you are anything like me, you re-watch videos on your phone from Olympics, you are thrilled that you took pics in live mode so you can feel for a brief moment what you felt when you originally took that picture at camp. You use social media […]

Signing on the Dotted Line: Commitment Is a Two-Way Street

Reprinted in part from Camping Magazine by permission of the American Camp Association; copyright 2018 by the American Camping Association, Inc. Congratulations! You committed to working at camp this summer, and the director and/or team who hired you have been anticipating your arrival since you signed on the dotted line! It is completely normal to have cold […]

Summer Camp Staff, What to Pack?

For all of you staffers getting ready to head off to camp, you are probably starting to think about what you will pack for the summer. No doubt your camp has sent you a packing list. Use it! And… I thought I’d share some general camp items with you that are among my favorite. water […]


The date was May 2017 and for those living in the South, that time of year translates to school letting out, and kids under our feet for the hot summer months ahead.  Our son was just 10 years old- the perfect age where he thinks he can do everything on his own, but also that […]

Summer Camp… Why Bother?

Living in a Car Living in a Honda Civic for two years isn’t what my parents were hoping I would do after getting my engineering degree. It was the summer of 2012, my girlfriend, Laura, and I were working at Camp Stella Maris after graduating from college, and we decided to go on a road […]

Why should a traveler work at summer camp?

I came across this blog post and think it’s worth sharing with all you amazing, world travelers out there. With permission, Jessica Lippe shares some really awesome insight on why camp is a great fit for a traveler. Riding an airboat! You can find me on the right in the burgundy tee Experience Once-in-a-Lifetime Events… […]

If You Let Camp Change Your Life, It Will.

Sometimes the smallest doors open the greatest opportunities. At a crossroads in March 2011, I felt the burnout of post-collegiate grind. Less than one year out of university and a change of scenery was brewing. I was looking for a new challenge to rekindle  the spark of young adulthood that faded in the months since […]

Social Media Profile Tips When Applying for a Camp Job

CampStaff recently heard some great tips from Michelle Cummings, owner of Training Wheels. Michelle and her team are dedicated to building high-performance teams, and often work with camps across the country.  Michelle has a few tips she wants to share with future Camp Staff to help them land the perfect camp job.   I recently posted […]