The date was May 2017 and for those living in the South, that time of year translates to school letting out, and kids under our feet for the hot summer months ahead.  Our son was just 10 years old- the perfect age where he thinks he can do everything on his own, but also that […]

Real Questions, Asked by a Real Staff Member

In preparing to go to summer camp for the first time this coming summer, my neighbor is full of excitement, as well as some nerves. She is 19 and will be traveling this summer to the northeast to work at camp. The following are real questions I’ve gotten just this week; from her, from her […]

Thoughts on Being A Camp Nurse

As a camp nurse, Kenya Samad shares what personally captured her / what made her return year after year to the camp where she currently works. While this article is directed at camps, it is a helpful read for anyone considering working at camp this summer as a nurse. 1- the opportunity for my daughter to […]

Camp Has Never Let Me Down

Camp has meant so much to me from the first day I stepped foot onto the powerful plot of land that is summer camp.  I first attended camp at the ripe old age of 6 (one year earlier than I should have but, you don’t tell my Mom no!) My mother sent me to camp […]

Summer Camp… Why Bother?

Living in a Car Living in a Honda Civic for two years isn’t what my parents were hoping I would do after getting my engineering degree. It was the summer of 2012, my girlfriend, Laura, and I were working at Camp Stella Maris after graduating from college, and we decided to go on a road […]

My 5 Hypothesis after Spending Time Recruiting on a College Campus

I recently attended a summer job fair at Louisiana State University (LSU), with the hopes of finding my “aha moment” to explain what makes college aged kids want to come to camp. As it comes to no surprise, I didn’t come away with just one hypothesis. Upon registering for the event, I was assigned to […]

Why should a traveler work at summer camp?

I came across this blog post and think it’s worth sharing with all you amazing, world travelers out there. With permission, Jessica Lippe shares some really awesome insight on why camp is a great fit for a traveler. Riding an airboat! You can find me on the right in the burgundy tee Experience Once-in-a-Lifetime Events… […]