Thoughts on Being A Camp Nurse

As a camp nurse, Kenya Samad shares what personally captured her / what made her return year after year to the camp where she currently works. While this article is directed at camps, it is a helpful read for anyone considering working at camp this summer as a nurse. 1- the opportunity for my daughter to […]

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Camp Has Never Let Me Down

Camp has meant so much to me from the first day I stepped foot onto the powerful plot of land that is summer camp.  I first attended camp at the ripe old age of 6 (one year earlier than I should have but, you don’t tell my Mom no!) My mother sent me to camp […]

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Summer Camp… Why Bother?

Living in a Car Living in a Honda Civic for two years isn’t what my parents were hoping I would do after getting my engineering degree. It was the summer of 2012, my girlfriend, Laura, and I were working at Camp Stella Maris after graduating from college, and we decided to go on a road […]

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