If You Let Camp Change Your Life, It Will.

Sometimes the smallest doors open the greatest opportunities. At a crossroads in March 2011, I felt the burnout of post-collegiate grind. Less than one year out of university and a change of scenery was brewing. I was looking for a new challenge to rekindle  the spark of young adulthood that faded in the months since […]

Social Media Profile Tips When Applying for a Camp Job

CampStaff recently heard some great tips from Michelle Cummings, owner of Training Wheels. Michelle and her team are dedicated to building high-performance teams, and often work with camps across the country.  Michelle has a few tips she wants to share with future Camp Staff to help them land the perfect camp job.   I recently posted […]

Love and Camp

When I tell people I met my husband at camp, they usually assume we grew up together as campers.  In fact, we were both in our twenties and were spending our summers at a small camp on Cape Cod.  I had just completed graduate school and was returning to work at a camp for my […]

The Life of a Camp Director….Part 2!

Our previous blog addressed the question of what camp directors do in the non-summer months. We also get asked about what we do during a typical day at camp. The answer to that question is that “it depends”! In early June, we welcome the first wave of staff who come up to camp for various […]

The Life of A Camp Director

Part 1: When We’re Not at Camp! We think we have the best job in the world.  We’re camp directors who get to spend our summer months on a beautiful lake where our focus is helping kids connect with one another.  And people love to ask us about what we do.  The number one question […]

Calling all photographers looking for a camp job!

Yes, camps hire multiple staff to take pictures all day long – what a dream job! When we think of camp, most of us think of participating in activities. We may think of climbing mountains, running on a sports field, throwing a pot, choreographing a dance. Well, if this is what you imagine, you are […]

Adventure and Travel in the Summer

Adventure.  Travel.  Community Service.  Campers.  Could all four of these ever be a part of one job?  Yes!  This is exactly what Zeal Adventure and Travel offers campers and trip leaders!  Last summer I spent two weeks on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, leading teenagers from around the world on a summer camp experience focused on adventure, […]