Camp Has Never Let Me Down

Camp has meant so much to me from the first day I stepped foot onto the powerful plot of land that is summer camp.  I first attended camp at the ripe old age of 6 (one year earlier than I should have but, you don’t tell my Mom no!) My mother sent me to camp […]

Summer Camp… Why Bother?

Living in a Car Living in a Honda Civic for two years isn’t what my parents were hoping I would do after getting my engineering degree. It was the summer of 2012, my girlfriend, Laura, and I were working at Camp Stella Maris after graduating from college, and we decided to go on a road […]

My 5 Hypothesis after Spending Time Recruiting on a College Campus

I recently attended a summer job fair at Louisiana State University (LSU), with the hopes of finding my “aha moment” to explain what makes college aged kids want to come to camp. As it comes to no surprise, I didn’t come away with just one hypothesis. Upon registering for the event, I was assigned to […]

Why should a traveler work at summer camp?

I came across this blog post and think it’s worth sharing with all you amazing, world travelers out there. With permission, Jessica Lippe shares some really awesome insight on why camp is a great fit for a traveler. Riding an airboat! You can find me on the right in the burgundy tee Experience Once-in-a-Lifetime Events… […]

If You Let Camp Change Your Life, It Will.

Sometimes the smallest doors open the greatest opportunities. At a crossroads in March 2011, I felt the burnout of post-collegiate grind. Less than one year out of university and a change of scenery was brewing. I was looking for a new challenge to rekindle  the spark of young adulthood that faded in the months since […]

Love and Camp

When I tell people I met my husband at camp, they usually assume we grew up together as campers.  In fact, we were both in our twenties and were spending our summers at a small camp on Cape Cod.  I had just completed graduate school and was returning to work at a camp for my […]

The Life of a Camp Director….Part 2!

Our previous blog addressed the question of what camp directors do in the non-summer months. We also get asked about what we do during a typical day at camp. The answer to that question is that “it depends”! In early June, we welcome the first wave of staff who come up to camp for various […]