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Ok, so you’ve been back on campus (or the job or your world tour, whatever) for a few weeks now. Its time to start thinking about camp. To get you going, start with the tips below…


If you know you will be available next summer, update your dates (and the rest of your info) so that you can be available in searches by staffing directors. If you didn’t know already, CampStaff makes a log entry every time you update or modify your profile. Some camps use this search field to find “hot” leads – aka, staff actively looking for jobs. You never know when that perfect camp job might open up!

Put yourself on some radars

Take 5 minutes after updating your info to email your profile to a few DREAM camps. Maybe the ones that were already filled when you applied late last year or maybe one in a new part of the country you want to explore, either way let directors know you are available.Getting yourself on the desk of the staffing directors so they know you are serious can lead to multiple offers. 

Line up 1 job reference

Camps will need 3 job or character references for you as part of the camp’s accreditation requirements (and probably for state regs also) before you are ultimately hired. Reference come from teachers, bosses, family friends, etc. Have at least one lined up this fall or better yet all three. You just need to collect contact info and let the person know they may be contacted by a camp. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIST REFERENCES ON CAMPSTAFF. Instead, just add a simple: “References available upon request” at the bottom of your short bio. Trust us, camps will be impressed!

BONUS: If you worked at a camp last year or the summer before even, reach out to the directors for a reference. Two good things can happen from this: 1. They realize they may lose you and offer you your dream job. 2. You get a glowing reference and a dream job at the next camp! It’s up to you.

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