New Director’s Guide to CampStaff

(or a Refresher for Directors still recovering from Camp ’19)

Fall Staffing season is upon us! And although the volume of new staff inquiries are fractions of what is to come after the Christmas break, the not so hidden value of CampStaff in the fall is that the active database already contains thousands of active job seekers. Some of which will now have one or more summer’s experience at camp and are now looking to advance their summer responsibilities and job opportunities.

Taking a few minutes to update your camp listings (or start a new one at and start your start searches can lead to quality hires. Even though the quantity of applicants is at the low end of the CampStaff staffing cycle. There are quality candidates and historically more to come before Christmas break. After the New Year, all bets are off as they say, because in 2018-2019 staffing season we saw between 11,000 and 12,000 active job seekers.


The annual membership allows for your camp to list as many jobs as you choose. Scroll through and make sure you aren’t overlooking any openings or potential openings. If you don’t see a specific job listed, please let us know. As camp programs evolve, so have our job listings.


Again, camps can make changes as often as you like to both your long and short camp descriptions. Remember the short description appears next to your logo in search results; the long description is in your full profile.

Successful camps tend to use the short description to highlight either targeted camp searches or newly added programs or facilities. (Ie, “Our camp features 3 little league regulation baseball fields, batting cages and day trip to see the Yankees. We are searching for 3 baseball instructors” or “Now hiring wakeboard instructors and boat drivers for 2 newly added Momba Wake Boats” These are changed frequently as application come in.


We know you’ve probably completed a budget analysis from the 2019 summer and have started focusing on how to get the most out of your 2020 staff dollars. If you are like most camps, US staff are considerably cheaper to hire than internationals (especially when all the agency fees are considered). However, for most of us staffing is more than just a cost consideration, it is also the quality of staff you can hire for that cost.

Your membership includes unlimited searches. Get an early jump on filling some key positions or spots you’ve had trouble filling in the past. Target the positions you’ve been forced to pay more for (even though the actual staff member received less cash) and see what’s out there. You might be able to attract real super star staff by paying the same amount for domestic staff as for internationals.

Of course for camps that sponsor their own J-1 program, hundreds of intentional staff list with CampStaff in hopes of securing a visa directly.

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