A Tip A Day To Get The Most Out of Your CampStaff Accounts

This week, we’ll be sending you a tip each day to help you make the most out of your CampStaff and CampStaffNurses accounts.

Here at CampStaff, we spend a lot of time talking to the camps that use our services. We want to share with you what works best for camps so that you may make the most out of our sites.

**These tips work for both CampStaff and CampStaffNurses, but for the purposes of the tips this week, I’ll just write “CampStaff” (it gets to be too much reading when I write CampStaff/CampStaffNurses….see what I mean?)

Screenshot 2019-02-26 10.37.18

We constantly analyze our data and the numbers don’t lie; the camps that are on CampStaff actively seeking staff daily (or almost daily) are the camps finding great staff year after year.  One of our most successful camps logs in almost daily to tweak their descriptions and to actively search for their job needs.

Remember, CampStaff/CampStaffNurses are two-way searchable databases. So, while staff can seek camps, they may also register and wait for you to find them. So, camps need to be pro-actively seeking out staff, too!  We’ve seen a shift over the past 5 years; while the numbers of seekers registering with us has remained constant, the number of emails that seekers send to camps has gone down. We know that this is a job seeker’s market and we know that job seekers are waiting for you to find them and contact them. Ten years ago we saw seekers reaching out more often to camps but we now see that camps are the ones reaching out more often to seekers.

If you’re not sure what you are supposed to be doing once you log on daily (or almost daily), here are some links to watch brief tutorials on utilizing search methods.

CampStaff SearchTutorials

Search Method 1
Search Method 2
Search Method 3
How to Save a Search

Search Tutorials

Search Method 1
Search Method 2
Search Method 3
How to Save a Search


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